We are pioneer in the “Silica Sand” minerals in Pakistan. In this mineral we have the quality and quantity up to the international standard. All major consumers of Pakistan run by the international standards and heavy industrial groups which include multinational companies are our clients. We have production capacity of 7500/ MT to 200,000/- MT yearly. We are the only party in Pakistan who adopted conveyors vibratory and rotating sieves process to get any grade of Silica Sand. Since this is one of the basic raw material for central process therefore all the major consumers awarded us yearly contract in this regard.

Some of our specialized grades of Silica Sand are:

Glass Industry Grade,

Steel Industry Grade,

Cast Iron Foundry Grade,

Metal Casting Foundry Grade,

Silicate Industry Grade,

Ceramic industry Grade,

Pesticides industry Grade


Filter Media /Water Treatment Grade

It is of special type and different grain size used in the filtration of the water and various chemical process.

Sand Blasting Grade

It is another special grain material used in the sand blasting purpose.


Pesticides Formulation Grade

It is another type of special silica grain used in the formulation of different agricultural pesticides. All the multinational companies are our clients.