We are the key to the profitable Commercial and industrial markets of Pakistan and Middle East

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Our Mission

The company intends to enter global markets with the aim to attract great foreign companies for Industrial and commercial activities in Pakistan and Middle East, considering that this part includes huge activity in the metallurgy sector. 


Also, it aims at moving at the direction of
globalisation of economy together with other countries and international institutes.

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Raw Materials – Equipments

Specialized and professionally reputed organization 


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Associated with some of the foremost heavy industrial complexes of Pakistan



Manufacturing Consulting

A factory, manufacturing plant or a production plant is an industrial site.



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When the Company Established?

The company was established in 1972, when its entire sister concerns merge under one name in 2004 using its more then 30 years’ experience of his managers, experts and engineers. he was able to modernise all his commercial industrial activities.

What we Import / Export?

Raw materials and equipment required for metallurgy industry, cement, sugar, fertilisers, pesticides manufacturers, power plants, refineries, water and sewerage, railway, automobile and in ministry of defence.

Why Perfect Associates is Your Partner?

We are the key to the profitable Commercial and industrial markets of Pakistan and Middle East since we have strong footings in these regions. Correspond with us for your long-term presence in this consumer markets.

Present Activities?

Presently the company is establishing a consortium among internal and foreign companies who are the manufacturer or consumer of the primary materials required for steel, agricultural, pesticides, minerals industry hereby all great international and foreign companies interested to get the share of their business are invited for cooperation.


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Defence Purchase

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