We are representing world renowned manufacturers of Refractory materials from unshaped to shaped refractories catering industries like Steel, Cement, Glass, Refineries etc. We are also the marketing agent for the refractories locally manufacture by the parties in Pakistan.

Refractory has a very vast product line of various categories, depending upon the end products and machinery installed at the plant sites.

We have qualified experts in who handle these inquiries and satisfy the end users and discuss all the technical maters till their satisfaction in all regards. Our Engineering team provides complete service from purchase of products till its installation at site.


In short, we deal from A to Z in refractories including:

Gate Valve,

Well Block,


Gate Valve Conical,

Gate Valve Bore,

Mono Block Stopper,

Ladle Shroud,

Cold Tundish Board,

Cold Tundish Lining,

Monolithic Purging Lances,

Tundish Prop. Nozzle,

Chrome Magnesite Bricks,

Char. Magnesite Bricks,

Taphole Block Assy,

Change Sets for Taphole Block,

Magnesia Carbon Brick,

Silica Refractory Brick,

High Alumina Brick,

Corundom Block,

Burner Block,

Taphole Repair Mass,

Calcium Silicon Powder,

High Alumina Cement,

Magnesite Powder Grade MCB.